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Poultry and Pork

How do I buy pork in bulk? How will I know what cuts I'm getting? How much freezer storage space will I need?

Buying a whole or half pig feels intimidating the first time. Which is why we’ve put together Buying Bulk Pork: The Definitive Guide. You can use this guide to help you decide exactly which pork cuts you want.

We guarantee that, once you’ve bought bulk pork once, you’ll never go back. When you buy a whole or half pig, you have ultimate control over how to cut your side(s) of pork.

Plus the convenience of having a wide variety of cuts, readily available in your own freezer!!1

Why do you charge a processing fee for your whole chickens and ducks? 

Through experience, we've learned that rolling processing costs into the total whole bird cost, unintentionally over-charges customers buying larger birds!

Here's why. Our processor charges the same amount to process a 5 lb bird as they do to process one that's 6+ lbs.  

If we rolled processing costs into the per/lb price, we would end up overcharging customers with heavier birds, just to make sure we cover processing costs on the smaller birds.

By providing your deposit directly to our processor, we can charge a much lower price/lb; and it's just more fair to all of our customers!


Why do you only ship in the fall? 

Fall is the only safe time to ship bare root peonies. Peonies need to be dormant in order to withstand the shipping and replanting process. 

If you find a peony grower offering bare root peonies any other time of year, beware. While you may be able to plant it and actually have it survive, your plant may never recover from that level of shock and may never achieve its true potential. 


Why do you only ship peonies bare root?

Basically, we ship bare root to make shipping more affordable for our customers. Potted peonies are very heavy and could inflate shipping costs by 5-6 times their current levels

Do you sell potted peonies?

Currently, no. However, in Spring 2020, we hope to have our most popular varieties available for sale at our on-farm store.

For herbaceous and itoh peonies, how many eyes can I expect in my division?

Most varieties will have 3-5 eyes per division. 

For very rare varieties, we sometimes sell the divisions with 2-4 eyes. The exact eye count will always be noted in the variety description.

When will my card be charged?

We charge your card at the time you purchase the peony root. However, if for some reason we cannot fulfill your order, we will immediately provide you a full refund. 

What is an itoh peony and how is it different from an herbaceous peony?

Itoh peonies are a cross between an herbaceous peony and a tree peony. Because most crosses fail, itohs peonies can be less common. Like an herbaceous peony, itohs will die back during the winter. However, due to their tree peony heritage, these peonies have strong, almost woody, stems.

Itohs have some of the finest flowers of any type of peony. Because of their strong stems, even the largest, fullest flowers will not flop. Also, Itohs have a much broader range of colors than their herbaceous cousins. Yellows, corals and purples are all represented in the itoh family. 

When do you release your peony catalog each year?

We load our first catalog in January. In 2019 we hope to release additional varieties toward the end of July.

I just ordered my bare root peony. Once it arrives, how do I plant it and care for it?

Before fall, we hope to post various peony care videos online. Stay tuned!

Do you use chemical sprays?


Instead, we control disease via good plant hygiene, use of homemade homeopathic solutions, pest control via our chickens, ducks, and geese, and lots of plant diversity in our peony fields.

Who took those stunning peony pictures?

The gorgeous ones are all done by Anna Miretti - our exceptionally talented professional photographer and dear friend.

Find her on Facebook. (She also does amazing family shoots) 

We take the product photos ourselves, which is why they don't look nearly as good as Anna's lovely ones!