Scared To Cut Up A Whole Chicken? Then Watch This Video!

Last year our customers told us that buying whole chickens can be a bit overwhelming. 

I get that. 

Because, when we first switched to pastured meat and could ONLY get whole birds, I felt intimidated too. 

This fact that did NOT make me proud.  

Largely because, my mom had repeatedly told me about the time she visited my Aunt Dorothy's and Uncle Elmer's dairy farm for a few days. 

Aunt Dorothy had just had her 4th child and recovery wasn't going so well. Mom went to stay to cook for the family, watch the children and help keep the house together. 

At one point in the visit, Mom was cutting up chickens in the kitchen, but momentarily stopped to go check on my Aunt.

When she came back in the kitchen, she found my (then) 4-year old cousin, Renita, wielding a cleaver, expertly cutting a chicken into parts. 

Shocked, Mom ran back upstairs and asked my aunt, "Renita is cutting up chickens. Is she allowed to do that?" 

To which my aunt answered, "Oh yeah. She does that all the time." 

Fast forward to today. After some practice, I can now cut up a chicken with the best of 'em. 

Which means:

In my Forties, I've achieved the skill-level of my 4-year old cousin.

Coz apparently I'm awesome like that....  

But hey - at least I learned. And so can you. 

In this video, you'll see step-by-step instructions on breaking down a chicken. And I promise, after doing this a couple of times, you'll be just as good as any darn 4-yr old!! 


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