If This Peony Catalog Could Talk....

This week, we published Lyndaker Farms' very first online catalog

It seems simple enough - just 42 varieties of beautiful Peonies

But folks - if this peony catalog could talk - she would tell the story of our family's last 5 years.

She would talk about how we closed on this farm when our oldest - Catherine - was not even 2 years old. How I was already 8-months pregnant with Zachery. 

She would explain how much we did wrong (and learned!) 4 years ago when we first planted almost 1000 peonies. 

She would convey our excitement at watching all but a handful of those peonies live through the first winter. And how that emboldened us to plant more. And then more. 

She would recount with joy how we brought home our perfectly healthy baby - Naomi.  And how relieved we felt after living through a pregnancy in which doctors repeatedly warned us that she might not be. 

And she would say that getting to this point fulfills a long-cherished dream - to share our peonies with you! 

Because you - like us - know that flowers don't just make this world more beautiful, they make it kinder too.

You know that when you plant these peonies, their flowers will weave beauty into your family' life. Just like they've done in ours. 

So please, enjoy this catalog.

The photos show the unique beauty only peonies can offer. 

The words tell the story of our family.

It's all there. Written between the lines.  

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