Part 2 - How Duck Became My Kid's Favorite Food

In Part 1 of our 2-part series on cooking Duck, I talked about how my kids now prefer duck over any other meat.

In that same post, I go through common duck pitfalls and start explaining how to avoid them. I also promised that I would do a follow-up post featuring Duck Breasts. 

so Here it is: 8-Minute Duck Breasts

Before I dive into the recipe, 3 things to note:

1) These duck breasts are ideal for weeknights. They really do cook in 8 minutes and are delicious with simple sides like leafy green salad and boiled potatoes with chive butter. 

2) Duck meat is rich and satisfying. So you will probably only need 2 breasts to feed a family of 4-5. Our family usually can't even finish the 2nd breast. 

3) Duck breast is fantastic eaten cold, particularly when sliced onto a salad for lunches. Sometimes I make 2 extra duck breasts, just so I can use the leftovers in salads throughout the week. 

I know learning to cook duck can be tricky. But there's a reason the French treasure duck so much - it's really THAT good. 

So if you're struggling with these duck recipes or have any question at all, please do leave your questions in the comments. I will try to help however I can!

8-Minute Duck Breasts


- 2 duck breasts

- Salt and pepper to taste


- Turn on the broiler. If your broiler has a "low" and "high" setting - use "high."

- Place an empty broiler pan in the oven and allow it to heat up with the oven. 

- In the meantime, cross hatch the skin of the duck breast. This will help the fat render. Be careful to not cut the meat when cross hatching. this will cause your duck breast to lose juice

- Rub the breasts all over with salt and pepper to taste. 

- Once the pan is hot, place skin side down on hot broil pan - you will hear a sizzle as each breast hits the pan.

- Broil for 4 min skin side down

- Flip and broil for 4 min skin side up. Remove from the oven. 

- Breasts will be crispy brown on top but still a bit rare and tender in the middle. 

- Let the breast rest for few minutes, slice thinly and serve.