Plan Now For Your Best Garden Yet

Who else has this view outside their window?

snowy scene 1.jpg

But this view inside their head?

poppy 2.jpg
seedlings landscape shot.jpg

It’s still only February. Which - around here - means at least 2.5 months until last frost.

But friends - all I can think about is Spring.

And it’s not just me.

On any vaguely warm day, our geese rush out of their night shelter as if to say, “Is this it? Is it Spring yet?”

Or my daughter who this morning spied green grass poking through an area we had shoveled and yelled, ‘GRASS! It’s GREEN grass!”

(She then danced on it until it was a muddy mess. Goodbye grass).

But for those of you spring dreaming like we are, please don’t dismiss these hopeful thoughts as just “cabin fever!”

Because for those of us who grow things, NOW is the time to plan your 2019 Garden!!

And we want to help you get those gardens planned with…

our First-Ever Garden Planning Guide.

In our guide we’ll show you what we do to ensure we’re planting:

  • The right things

  • In the right place

  • At the right time.

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Gardening friends, to understand why planning is so important, watch the video below.

I guarantee that with planning you’ll become a better - and happier - gardener.

Now I want to know,

what Thing Makes you the Most excIted about your 2019 garden?

I’ve got 2 things I can’t wait to do!

First, I want to start growing a LOT of dahlias. I’ve always grown a few but this year I want to grow as many as I can!!

Second, we have scores of new (to us) peony varieties that will be mature enough to divide this year.

Assuming a strong growing season, I’m looking forward to lots of time in the fields observing the flowers and taking beautiful pictures so I can add them to our July catalog!

Can’t wait to hear more about your garden dreams in the comments below!!