Learn to Make 3 Farm-fresh meals from Just 1
Pastured Chicken! (+recipes & Inspiration from The Farm!)

Pastured organic pork
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About Our Farm

Do brightly-lit grocery stores and big box stores' garden departments make you crave an authentic connection to real food and flowers, grown with absolute transparency?

Maybe you're looking for renewed physical and emotional health and know farm-fresh products are foundational in that journey? 

People like you are the reason we farm. We too want these things for our family. And for our community!

Our meat, raised sustainably on pasture, will strengthen your body.

With our homegrown, non-gmo, no-spray produce, you can rest easy knowing you are making nutrient-rich food choices.

And for your spirit, you can always spend time walking our peony fields. 

It's all here waiting for you!


Our Bio

Jason and Cate Crawford, along with their children Catherine, Zachery and Naomi, own and operate Lyndaker Farms. The farm is named for Cate's grandfather's 700-acre dairy farm and sawmill that shut down when he retired.

Jason was born and raised in Guyana and is from a large farming family. Prior to farming, Jason worked as a software engineer in the New York Metro Area.

Jason's favorite farm activity is chatting with the pigs and scratching their ears. His not-so-favorite thing is chasing pigs who have decided to visit our neighbors.

Cate is from an upstate NY Amish Mennonite community. From early childhood, Cate weeded, shucked peas and canned peaches. Prior to farming, Cate worked as a Technology Risk Manager in Manhattan's Financial Services industry, but years of chronic health issues led Cate right back farming.

Cate's favorite thing on the farm is watching the ducks play in the ponds. Her least favorite thing is having to actually build those ponds.