Deposit - Whole Broiler

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Deposit - Whole Broiler


Roast up our whole, pastured chicken and enjoy the flavorful meat and crispy skin! Then use the leftover meat throughout the week - chicken tacos, vegetable & chicken potpie, chicken salads. So, so many options!

All that from one pastured bird. It's fast food without the icky stuff!

Please find pricing and logistical details below.

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This $4 deposit reserves you one whole pastured chicken. Your deposit goes directly to our processor to cover packaging and their labor.  

The bird itself costs $3.45/lb. Final pricing will vary based on your bird's actual size; however you can use the below price averages to estimate your final bird cost:
- 4-5 lbs - about $15.50 +/-
- 5.1 - 6 lbs -about $19.15 +/-
- 6.1-7 lb - about $22.60 +/-

Chicken can be picked up at our farm or, if you are in our NYC buying club, at one of our NYC drop-off points.