Edulis Superba

Peony Edulis Superba
Peony Edulis Superba

Edulis Superba


If you’ve ever driven past old New England farms and seen large plantings of vibrant pink peonies, overloaded with flowers, then you have no doubt met Edulis Superba.

Edulis Superba was first grown in 1824 - almost 200 years ago! And there’s a reason it’s still popular. Edulis Superba is the whole package - amazing fragrance, vibrant color and beautiful flower form.

The overall color is deep pink. but as the flower opens, light pink/cream petals emerge in the flower’s collar.

The blooms are large, well-formed doubles that will require support in the landscape.

But Edulis Superba’s biggest showstopper is its fragrance which easily makes our top 5 most fragrant peonies list.

If you have to pick just 1 deep pink Heirloom Peony, I strongly suggest you make Edulis Superba your choice.

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Variety Details
Peony Type: Herbaceous
Originator:  Lemon
Flower Color: Deep pink with light pink/cream petals around the flower colloar
Flower Form: Double
Bloom Timing: Early
Eyes: 3-5
Notable Attributes: Heirloom, Highly Fragrant, Cut flower, 

Growth Requirements
Hardiness: Zones 3-8
Light Requirements: Full sun
Soil: Well-drained (very important)

For planting instructions please see our Planting and Care Guide