Garden Treasure

Peony Garden Treasure
Peony Garden Treasure
Peony Garden Treasure
Peony Garden Treasure

Garden Treasure


Like Bartzella, Garden Treasure is one of the best yellows on the Market.

Garden Treasure, an Itoh peony, has a low growing, somewhat spreading habit. It’s flowers are similar in size to Bartzella but Garden Treasures flowers are exclusively semi-double.

Because Garden Treasure will not grow as tall as Bartzella, this is an excellent yellow to plant toward the front of a bed. The flowers will be showy but the plant will not block one’s view of plantings located behind Garden Treasure.

Garden Treasure is citrus scented and could benefit from support depending on planting location.

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All bare-root peonies ship Sept-Oct. 

Variety Details
Peony Type: Itoh
Originator:  Hollingsworth
Flower Color: Bright yellow with orange flares
Flower Form: Semi-Double
Bloom Timing: Mid to Late (long bloom period)
Eyes: 3-5
Notable Attributes: Fragrant, Cut flower, Eye-popping color

Growth Requirements
Hardiness: Zones 3-8
Light Requirements: Full sun
Soil: Well-drained (very important)

For planting instructions please see our Planting and Care Guide