Flora Plena Rosea - LIMITED SUPPLY

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plena rosea 1.jpg
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Flora Plena Rosea - LIMITED SUPPLY


Peony Flora Plena Rosea may be one of the oldest peonies in cultivation. It is so old that it’s origins aren’t entirely know.

I have read that it graced American gardens as early as the 1700s, that it was in cultivation in Europe in the 1600s and that it often grew around monasteries where monks grew it for medicinal reasons.

I don’t know if those stories are verified but I do know that Rosea is undeniably beautiful.

Rosea opens a vibrant pink that fades somewhat as the flower ages. The plant habit is neat and compact and the flowers are a beautiful double.

Rosea opens early in our garden.

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All bare-root peonies ship Sept-Oct. 

Variety Details
Peony Type: Herbaceous (sometimes said to be a Species peony but this is disputed).
Originator:  unknown
Flower Color: vibrant pink that fades somewhat as flower matures
Flower Form: Double
Bloom Timing: Early
Eyes: 3-5
Notable Attributes: Heirloom - so old it can be considered ancient, Cut flower, Landscaper

Growth Requirements
Hardiness: Zones 3-8
Light Requirements: Full sun
Soil: Well-drained (very important)

For planting instructions please see our Planting and Care Guide