peony sorbet
peony sorbet
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Peony Sorbet was originally grown in South Korea, purely for the value of its roots and not for the flower. In a trip to Korea, Dutch peony specialist Luc Klinkhamer discovered the plant and rated it for it’s flower value as well.

Sorbet has double blooms stacked with color! The guard petals are pink then a layer of cream petals, followed by a layer of more pink petals. As if someone layered scoops of raspberry and coconut sorbet!

Sorbet has a strong, pleasant fragrance and strong stems.

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All bare-root peonies ship Sept-Oct. 

Variety Details
Peony Type: Sorbet
Originator:  Unknown
Flower Color: Stacked layers of pink and cream
Flower Form: Double
Bloom Timing: Mid-Season
Eyes: 3-5
Notable Attributes: Heirloom, Fragrant, Cut flower

Growth Requirements
Hardiness: Zones 3-8
Light Requirements: Full sun
Soil: Well-drained (very important)

For planting instructions please see our Planting and Care Guide